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Rust Crate

At a Glance#

  • Our core libraries are built in Rust and we are active members of the growing Rust community.
  • Our code comments inside the core libraries auto-generate an authoritative and comprehensive Rust Documentation site at each versioned release through the package manager.
  • Installation via the package manager is the easiest way to get started.
  • Instructions for building manually can be found on the main Installation page

Why Rust#

Spruce is very proud to have built these core products to date using the Rust language, which offers a secure, performant, and memory-safe alternative to the dominant web development languages of today.

DIDKit can also be downloaded & updated from, Rust's native package manager, from inside of other Rust projects. DIDKit (and its underlying ssi crate) can be called as library dependencies inside of a Rust environment, but they are not targets in, (and thus, cannot be installed by a simple cargo install call).

Note that many of the DIDKit functions and traits in turn call functions and traits in ssi, a separate package/crate on which it depends. Similarly, each DID method that you want a given DID Kit instance to implement is also distinct library (rather than simply a trait), so constraining a specific instance of DIDKit to a specific subset of available DID Methods is best achieved by modifying the [dependencies] section of the /lib/Cargo.toml file.