Credible header

Credible is a lightweight wallet for individuals to manage DIDs and VCs from their mobile phones. It is white-label friendly, open-source, and built on our core SSI libraries. As soon as it is feature-complete and ready for external review, it will even be downloadable from the appstore in its basic, unextended form. Over time, we expect to integrate many DID methods and presentation protocols to make this the wallet fully-featured without being ledger-bound or vendor-favoring.

credible architecture


  • QR support to initiate and execute issuance and presentation of verifiable credentials
  • Handy interface for generating multiple DIDs (and coming soon, multiple DIDs across multiple ledgers)
  • Official decentralized-identity wallet of DID Method Tezos (DID:tz)
  • Built in Flutter, for leaner, faster builds and less dependencies

Coming soon#

The following features have been tentatively roadmapped for the next major release:

  1. Better support (and code snippets) for passing OIDC tokens back to services authenticated with Credible