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QR Code Issuance


This video demonstrates the QR-triggered issuance flow described on the Core Concepts page. Note that:

  • is the test-server generating the QR code issuing the credential. The pop-up, which is enabled by default, serves to prevent spoofing or phishing attacks, should the page serving the qR and the contents of the QR be in different domains. The consent pop-up can be skipped if the requesting domain matches the domain referenced from a QR code. Further validation can also be added as a failsafe or alternative.
  • The credential offered, containing a proof of control of a account, is dummy data from a client project. The contents displayed should normally come from a processing of the contents of the actual credential, but in this demo, they are mocked up graphically by a few manual overrides in the folder /lib/app/pages/credentials/widget/document/ . For more details, see the VC Display example