Code of Conduct

Open Source is Community#

Speech is free, but speech has consequences. We at Spruce bring decades of community and open-source experience to the table, and it has taught us that good community is only possible with proactive effort and structure. To this end, we would like to invite you familiarize yourself with the long history of open source bottoms-up governance leading up to the "rulebooks" we follow.

The Rules#

Some large, veteran-filled communities have invested significant time and effort formulating very specific rulebooks, full of normative and non-normative statements worded as testably as possible. Pick whichever one fits your learning style best and study it closely: all roads lead to Rome, and taking on any of them in good faith will guarantee your contributions and communications in our corner of the open source world will be well-received in good faith.

As with all open-source-- if you see a typo or want to propose a feature upgrade, open an issue! All of these are hosted on git for this very purpose.

When in doubt, call a referee#

Our Open Source Manager (aka our "OS Yenta") prioritizes these questions and dispute resolution generally, so feel free to reach out early and often if you see a dispute or a conflict coming.