Welcome to the Spruce Developer Portal

Get Started#

Welcome! Here's how you can get started building with our open-source projects:

  • DIDKit - our cross-platform toolkit for W3C Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials.
  • Credible - our lightweight credential wallet, demonstrating how DIDKit can be built into a native mobile app.

Want to learn more about verifiable credentials? Start with our primer, "What is Decentralized Identity?", or use the glossary to go deeper into corner-cases and specifications.

Our Vision at Spruce#

When’s the last time you felt comfortable sending or receiving important documents digitally? Have you ever been shocked at how much an online platform knows about you and wish you had more control over your identity? As a business, do your customers feel any of the above when they’re doing business with you?

Spruce is reimagining trusted interactions for enterprises and governments — the stewards of the most foundational and impactful layers of infrastructure shaping our lives.

We believe that in any organization you can find people working to build institutions that honor individual’s control over their own information and privacy. We are also pragmatists who understand that these principles are most likely to be implemented at scale when they also make commercial and operational sense. We firmly believe that there are paths striking a balance that both respects individual liberty and allows for enterprise success.

We are creating open-source software products that help our customers go from untrusted data to verifiable information that can be shared privately and with consent. Our products enable complete lifecycle management for licenses, certificates, audit reports, registrations, and other mission-critical data that must remain secure while passing many hands. Our main workflows allow end-users to manage their own data, and for everyone else to have confidence in the consent and purpose of data shared by them. To achieve this, we will utilize a cadre of emerging data technologies, including the recent W3C Verifiable Credentials and W3C Decentralized Identifiers specifications, which have been designed to solve business problems while leaving ample room to champion the end user’s control within a data supply chain.


Have any questions about Spruce's development efforts? Reach us via email at hello@spruceid.com.

Please note: this site documents two different v0.1 products that have not yet undergone substantial external review. They are presented as functional alphas for experimentation and to show the direction of the projects (inviting proposals for changes of direction, even!). They are not, however, intended for transacting real-world business just yet.